Painting the Hive

On my numerous trips online to look at beehives, I saw many cool designs and beehive design contests that I thought that I could enter. But then, the thought crossed my mind that maybe I should just paint my hive a simple color instead of something complex. I had never been very good at painting or drawing, so I was not going to risk ruining my beehive just to win some contest. So I decided on white. Simple and light, but not necessarily boring. I was thinking... elegant. So another trip to home depot, and I bought the paint. I took all of the frames out of the supers, brought the supers outside and got them set up for painting.

I set up two pieces of wood to support the supers, baseboard and cover, and set them all down. It took me about an hour to double coat 6 four-side pieces. Below is a before and after picture of the 4 supers, baseboard and telescoping cover and a picture of the single super hive that I set up.

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Arlington, Virginia

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