The First Step; Buying The Supplies

After lots of research on what I need to start a hive, I created a list of all of the parts and took a short drive to a small beekeeping store in Virginia. My list included three supers plus frames and wired wax foundation. In addition, I planned to buy a baseboard, outer cover and inner cover. When I arrived at the store, I purchased my materials and went on my way. The equiptment cost about $130 in total, which was not as much as I had anticipated for the complete set. I also made my way to the HomeDepot, where I bought titebond wood glue and nails to build my hive. No matter how much research I did, I never could find out what size nails to use for the supers and frames. It seems that everyone has a different opinion on what size nail to use, however, my assistant and I opted for 4d and 6d nails. As I pulled apart my foundation from the cadboard sheets that they were on, I saved little chunks of wax that I figured would be great for melting down later. Next step: Building supers and frames.

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Arlington, Virginia

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