Building the Supers and Frames.

Building the supers was a truly enjoyable process. Time consuming, yet not too difficult. First, I started by connecting the four sides of the supers, making sure to have the handles facing the right way. Then, I made pilot holes with a drill to help the nail go in more easily. This step really payed off later because it prevented the wood from splitting. I glued the joints on the wood together for extra support and started nailing them together. Making three shallow supers took us a little under 3 hours.

Building the frames was a little more difficult. The nails were just a bit too big, so a few frames started to split. To fix this, we simply put glue where the wood split, and clamped it together overnight. We built the frames and then put the foundation in. I saved all of the little beeswax bits that came off of the foundation, and put them in a jar that I figured can be melted down later. I ended up with about 1/6 cup of beeswax to save. Looking back, I probably shouldn't have used the size nail that I used becuase at least 5 of the frames ended up partly split.

I am storing my frames and supers in the "bee room" in my house. Can't wait to paint and set them up!

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Arlington, Virginia

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