Installing the Bees

At 10:00, we started out journey to the bee store. After a delicious lunch at Great Harvest Bread Co., we were ready to go pick up the bees. We brought our bee suits, sugar spray, and a hive tool, and ended up getting there early, so we just walked around the town for a little while. When we got back, the bees were ready. The lady checked our name off of a list, and she brought the package over. We check for the queen , and she was indeed alive!

When we got home, we suited up and put our hive in the backyard along with all of our tools. We started by opening the hive and removing four frames from the middle to make room for the bees. We plied the board off of the top to expose the queen cage and feeder. Then, the feeder was pulled up. This broke the tab connecting the queen cage to the top, so we had to reach inside to pull her out. Then we quickly covered the hole. We sprayed the bees down with 1:1 sugar water used for calming the bees. We put the queen cage into a pocket, so we didn't loose her while putting in the bees.

We smacked the package down to make the bees fall to the bottom, removed the wood covering the hole, and shook them into the hive. This took a LOT more force then anticipated. The frames were put back into the hive, and the queen cage was put into the hive in between two frames, candy size facing up. This is so the bees can chew through the candy to release her, but it will prevent them from killing her because they aren't used to her. The entrance reducer was put on, as well as a front entrance feeder that will help the bees until they can gather their own nectar. The package was propped in front of the hive so the remaining bees could craw in. In two days, the queen should be released, and we will do our first inspection. This is just to make sure that the queen was released and to remove the queen cage and empty package. ​

On Sunday we will do a hive inspection just to make sure that they are okay.

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Arlington, Virginia

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