Second Inspection

It has been one week since we last checked the hive. We decided to do another inspection just to make sure that the queen is alive and the bees have started building honeycomb. We started by watching the bees coming in and out, and saw most of the returning bees with pollen on their legs.

That is a good sign that the bees were starting the honeycomb.

Then, we lit the smoker and puffed it a few times near the entrance, back and inner cover. We lifted up the telescoping cover and inner cover, and saw lots of honeycomb! At least three of the ten frames had partially drawn-out comb, and many others had started comb. Although we did not see the queen, we saw a perfectly healthy hive. Next week, depending on the nectar flow, we'll go back in to add another super.

Left: Bees on new honeycomb


Arlington, Virginia

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