Hive Inspection + New Super!

It has been two weeks since we installed the bees, and one week since our last inspection. Last week we found the start of honeycomb, but not any brood.

We started by watching the hive and observing the bees coming in and out. Lots of them had pollen on their legs, and a couple drones were spotted. It rained earlier today, so not much activity was expected. However, the bees were out and about. We lit the smoker, put on our gloves and brought our tools towards the hive. We took off the telescoping cover (the outer cover) and saw that the bees had attached honeycomb to the inner cover. So, this had to be pried off and scrapped off of the cover. Two of the frames had also been attached together, so we cut them apart and saved the honeycomb for later.

We also had to move some of the frames around to prevent the bees from building the honeycomb on the frames together. When we pulled out the frames, we did not see the queen. However, we spotted our first brood and capped brood! Capped brood means that an egg has been in a cell for a long time, and is almost ready to be born. This is evidence that the queen is there, and she is laying eggs. We also spotted some capped honey towards the top of many of the frames. Only one of the frames had not yet been touched. After the super was added, we took off the front entrance feeder and removed the entrance reducer. Finally, we coated the front and sides of the hive in cinnamon to help keep ants out. In two weeks, we'll go back to check on the hive!

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Arlington, Virginia

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