Live Hive Inspection FaceTime

Our First Classroom Visitors! On Thursday, Sunny Day Farms set a record for number of visitors in a single day, and another record for farthest distance travelled for a hive inspection. Twenty or so of Ms. Chillingworth’s first graders joined us from Santa Ana California for a hive inspection. They didn’t have beekeeper suits on, because they watched everything using FaceTime.

Since we had just been in the week before, we didn’t do a complete hive inspection, but instead took a quick look at the first honey super we installed last week. Some comb was being drawn, and everything looked good there. We also took a peek at several of the brood frames and showed the class the swarm cell, capped drone brood, and capped honey. We noticed lots of fresh eggs and capped brood.

The class seemed interested - they ohhhed and ahhhed at the right time, and had lots of questions about the Queen (which we did not see this time) and what happens if there is a swarm. We spent about twenty minutes doing the presentation and probably could have given them more… Thank you to Ms. Chillingworth and her class for visiting - we hope it was as much fun for you as it was for us!


Arlington, Virginia

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