4th Week Hive Inspection!

Thursday, April 27th, marked the one month anniversary of the installation of the two packages! It's been a week and a half since the last inspection, so we need to go in to make sure there are laying queens, some stored honey, and lots of eggs and brood.

We started out with Hive B, because we had been queen less for the last couple weeks and needed to make sure that we have a queen. We found the queen but decided not to mark her, just so we don't risk the chance of killing her. We also found eggs, but no larva, indicating that the queen just started laying a few days ago. Hive B is full of honey! Since they didn't have a laying queen for a while, they put all of their efforts into collecting nectar and turning it to honey. We decided to add a second brood box to expand the room for the queen to start laying in.

After closing up Hive B, we moved onto Hive A. We knew that there was a laying queen, so really was looking to find an adequate amount of honey so they can survive without sugar water. We found only one frame with honey, which was an end frame, but decided that it was enough. We spotted the queen right in the middle of the hive, and got to see her laying an egg!!! No boxes were added to Hive A, as they already have a brood box and honey super.

Both hives looked healthy and active, so we will leave them alone for two weeks unless we find wax moths on the bottom board.

Above: Frame of capped honey and nectar. Hive B

Above: Marked Italian queen.

Above: frame with capped honey and mostly nectar.

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