Busy Bees, Busy Beekeeper!

On Sunday, July 3rd, we did what will likely be our last summer inspection of the year. The first hive, Hive A, was still looking empty, with not a lot of honey stores. We spotted the queen in Hive A, and this was the first time since our last queen died. We were also happy to see a good brood pattern and fresh eggs. Hive B was looking very full, with plenty of honey stores. Despite not seeing the queen, we did find fresh eggs and larva in the hive.

Since it's the end of July, the honey flow should be ending in the next couple weeks, which means that the bees will start moving honey down from the supers and into the brood nest, making it unable to be extracted. We are planning for a honey harvest this coming weekend, where we will harvest one super full of honey from Hive B (that will leave them with one super for winter).

Below are some pictures from the inspection. The first is a picture of the insane amount of bees that poured over the side of the hive when we were inspecting. The second picture is a frame with pollen. Look closely at the different colors of pollen- from orange to yellow to brown. Finally, the third picture shows a frame full of capped and ready to be extracted honey from Hive B.


Arlington, Virginia

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