Recent Happenings

Since the installation, the hives have been busy at work. Both hives now have two full brood boxes, and are working on filling honey supers. These honey supers will hopefully be filled by the middle or end of July. The outside of the hives have been very busy on these hot summer days. Hundreds of bees can be seen flying in and out of the hives, as well as bees cooling off the hive by fanning with their wings. As of right now, the hives are pest free- but this is expected to change as mite season approaches.

I have also continued to work on my Girl Scout Gold Award. I made a visit to a local Girl Scout troop, and two 3rd grade classes to give my presentation on pollinators and saving the bees. The rest of this summer, I will be working on creating a lesson plan that teachers around the county can use in their classrooms.

Above is an image of a young queen.

Above is an image of newly built comb. Notice how the comb is built in small circular shapes- this is because the eggs are usually put in the center of the comb.

above is a full frame of honey.

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Arlington, Virginia

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