Community Hive Visit

Today during our regular hive inspection we had two guests! Inviting community members to come view the hives is a part of my Girl Scout Gold Award project, in attempts to spread awareness about honey bees. Visitors are provided with a full coverage beekeeping suit, veil and gloves to minimize the risk of bee stings. These items were purchased with the grant money that was awarded from Karma 4 Cara to aide in the completion of my Gold Award project. The goal of these community hive visits: For the guests to have a deeper understanding of the inner workings of a honey bee hive and to have more awareness about the importance of pollinators.

During the inspection we found that both hives looked healthy for this time of year. Both hives had a full honey super as well as excess honey frames in the brood boxes. This is a good sign of a healthy late summer beehive. The brood nest in both hives looked good; each hive had all stages of brood. We are hoping that these hives can continue thriving and hopefully have a good chance at survival this winter.


Arlington, Virginia

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