Next Season's Plans

I'm excited to announce that Sunny Day Farms will be getting a new batch of bees on April 1st! We plan to have two hives, with a goal of finally overwintering at least one. Once again, Russ will return as the Assistant beekeeper, Amy as the photographer/assistant-to-the-assistant beekeeper, and myself as the head beekeeper.

To combat hive pests that were a problem last season, we plan to use Beetle Blasters in the late summer through the fall, which will help combat small hive beetles. In addition, we'll use an undecided varroa mite treatment after honey harvest.

Feel free to reach out to me through the contact tab on this blog if you'd be interested in visiting the hive this spring, summer, or fall!

Above: A queen being marked last season.

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Arlington, Virginia

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